Sculpture, Drawing & Painting

Drawing, Painting and Sculpture sales.

Drawings and Paintings shown on the website are available for purchase unless otherwise
indicated as Sold. Each drawing is sold unframed. S&H is calculated at the time of purchase.
Drawings ship directly from the studio via the US Postal Service or UPS. S&H is determined by
the zip code.

Bronze Sculptures are made at the foundry. A hand selected, marble base is included in the
purchase price. Once a purchase has been arranged, we then place an order with the foundry
to make a bronze edition. Depending on the size and the complexity of the sculpture being
purchased, a completed bronze is typically available from the foundry within fourteen weeks
from the date of the order. All foundry editions are signed and dated by the artist and
stamped by the foundry.

Delivery and shipping charges to the buyer's destination for a sculpture are contracted on an
individual basis at the time of the purchase. We prefer to make our own deliveries whenever
possible. Distances beyond our scope require the services of a delivery company. Delivery from
the foundry back to the studio is included in the purchase agreement at no charge. Some
buyers will choose to retrieve the bronze sculpture from the studio.

Pedestals: If you would like to purchase a pedestal, we would be delighted to assist you with
that request. We offer a clear mahogany, tongue oiled pedestal that is custom made for us by
an elite woodworking company here in New Hampshire. We will include the
Purchase Invoice
from the woodworking company at the time of the sculpture delivery. We do not add a charge
to this invoice for this service. The cost of the pedestal will be included in the remaining balance
which is due at the time of delivery.

Payment Options: At this time, we accept two forms of payment: cash and bank checks. We
have not yet added credit card transactions to the business. We apologize for any
inconvenience that this creates. As for the actual purchase of a bronze sculpture or a painting,
we welcome the option of interest free, monthly payments for up to twelve months. We would
ask that the sculpture or painting remain in our studio until the concluding payment has been

Bronze editions require a 60% down payment of the purchase price to secure a foundry order.
The remaining balance is due at the time of delivery. Should the buyer choose to purchase a
bronze edition via monthly payments, that request is easy to accommodate. We simply collect
payments until the accumulated balance has reached 60% of the purchase price. At that time,
we then secure a foundry order while the remaining balance continues to be paid down with
monthly payments.

Enlargements: Pricing is specific to the actual dimensions of the sculpture shown on our
website. The price for an enlargement of an existing sculpture would need to be re-calculated
depending on the actual size requested. Our pricing is determined once we receive a price
quote from the foundry. The size of an individual sculpture is completely variable. All of the
artist originals displayed on our website can be enlarged at the foundry to virtually any desired
size. Original commissioned sculptures can be made to any size at the outset. Outdoor bronze
sculptures tend to be larger than the indoor bronze sculptures, but not always.