The natural environment provides me with endless opportunities to perceive the landscape as I hike, bike, and paddle
to destinations, sometimes remote, in the White Mountains and Lakes Regions of my native New Hampshire home–
these experiences providing not merely local, but substance. I document these rich and varied experiences through
plein-air charcoal drawings seeking to find revelations in Nature. With the charcoal drawings, I am looking to
capture the ephemeral zone where forces come together – sensing where sky and ground meet, feeling the distance
between silence and chaos, or a glimpse of the gap that lies between forms that are shrouded by atmospheric effects -
these spaces are where I attempt to softly coax light and shadow out of the collision of perceived forces. The act of
drawing in nature with all its’ sublime mysteriousness is truly an event for me. These drawings become
documentations of inspired experiences; in the studio, I abstract the essential elements from these drawings to develop
my paintings.
Kathleen Brennan
“One imagines that a drawing can be beautiful in
itself. But, it is only beautiful through the truths
and sentiments that it conveys.”
~ Auguste Rodin
Thoughts on drawing ...