Thoughts on painting ...
My plein-air drawings become distilled in the studio as paintings where I seek to create visual similes of our human
condition as experienced through the sublimity of the natural world – conditions such as contraction versus
expansion, the interaction between edge and area, indefinite merging – these elements giving clues to felt conditions
like force or pressure, being held or contained, or even the sensation of being suspended in an airy firmament. I am
romantically pushing a quality of light, color and space that is meaningful to me and, I hope, to others.

The interaction of form and layered color relationships become an important part of the image’s interior life by
penetrating into the materiality and spectral hue of the composition, giving the work its incarnation and human
impression. The under-painting serves to expose the relationship of forces; color is applied in various films and
layers, some analogous and some contrasting that fit together to create an overall field. The filming of transparent
color allows subsequent colors underneath to interact, respond, and dialogue between the layers; colors and textures
meet and softly develop relationships that are held together by these color cords of energy. The paintings exist as an
amorphous recognition like an early morning haze over the landscape, gently shifting and changing shape, where
borders cease definition and mysteries unfold.
“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that
measure the true value of any work of art.”
~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Brennan Studio