The focus of my recent sculpture explores the relationship of matter with spirit as a two-way stream of
influences, blending the physical with the non-physical counterpart; structurally, my intentions are to reach
beyond the limits of the material body by considering concave boundaries, volumes, and voids that balance
convexities in space. By reducing the central body volume into a shell form with a contained element, the
possibilities to explore inner and outer perspectives and concepts of totality are enlivened for me. The
conceptual interaction between matter and spirit attempts to express the duality that exists within the unity
or the concept of a stationary flux. It is this dialogue between the physical and the non-physical perspective
that is of most interest to me: the integration of these two vantage points is integral to the whole; the
voids of space within the sculptures - their size, shape and location - become filled spaces of considered
form and meaning.                                                                 

As a sculptor, the limitless scope of form is open to me; inspiration comes from the superabundance of the
natural landscape and the objects of nature, which continually expand my form-knowledge and stimulates
creative invention. I study nature’s principles of organic growth, its’ balance and rhythm, harmony and
contrast, attraction and repulsion. I enjoy the creation of figures that are complete unto themselves having
their own energy and constitution: the expression of humanness, of human obscurity as well as the hidden
dimension involves one’s own human evidence. To bring a work to a final conclusion is the ability to make
use of the sum total of one’s rich and varied experiences.
Thoughts on sculpture ...
“I only want to represent what is shown to me
spontaneously by nature.”
~ Auguste Rodin